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The GC Chaser is a Fast Oven Cool-Down Accessory. It improves the oven ventilation during the cool-down cycle. It runs completely unattended. It uses room air so it never needs to be refilled. Methods do not have to be re-validated.

        Advantages of the GC Chaser

Saves Time
Maximizes the workload of GC and GC-MS systems. Higher efficiency, faster turnaround, greater profitability.
Chromatographic Integrity
Methods do not need re-validation. There is no Impact on the separation.
Easy to Implement
Installs in minutes.
Fully Integrated
Automatic, unattended operation.
Completely Transparent
No operator training required.
Employs rugged, industrial grade centrifugal blower.
It can quickly be swapped to another GC for rush projects.
Cost Effective
Quickly recovers initial cost and uses no consumables.

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