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The GC Racer is a Fast Temperature Programmer. It overcomes the power limitations of conventional GC ovens by adding a second convection heater to the oven. The GC Racer is controlled by the “host” GC and can boost ramp rates up to 120 °C/min.

        Advantages of the GC Racer

Saves Time
Faster runs mean higher efficiency, quick turnaround and greater profitability.
Chromatographic Integrity
Does not require specialized columns or interfaces to connect to the injector and detector.
Easy to Implement
Installs in minutes and uses standard columns from any vendor.
Fully Integrated
It is fully controlled by the GC keypad or operating software.
No operator training required.
Employs the same type of convective heater used in the GC oven.
One system can be used for dual column GCs.
Can run on 110 - 240V, 50/60Hz and coupled with 110 – 240V GCs.
Cost Effective
One-fifth the purchase price compared to resistively heated accessories and no expensive specialized columns.

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