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VOA by Purge and Trap
We run two P&T units into one GC. Since we added the GC Chaser we’ve cut 3+ minutes (over 20%) off the cycle time. The runs are only 14 minutes, so we’re getting 5 more runs in a 12 hour period. We’re running five Chasers; 3 on VOA and 2 on semi-volatiles and we’re putting more in the budget for next year!

Scott Enright, Alpha Labs

GC Chaser/Semi-volatiles by GC-MS: We get in about 5 more samples per instrument per clock. We run two clocks per day on three instruments. So 10 extra samples/day X 3 instruments (30 more a day/150 a week). This really helps with rush work.

Mark Acierno, TestAmerica Laboratories

GC Chaser/Residual Solvents: The GC Chaser worked pretty good. I will be recommending that we purchase a couple of them for two reasons. First, it allowed cooling to 30C in a very reasonable time. And it cut run time for our regular work by at least 8%. This is significant for validations because it would reduce the number of times we have to run system suitability injections.

Alicia Duran-Capece, Schering Plough

I am very pleased and impressed with the simplicity, performance, and ruggedness of both the Racer and Chaser.  We were able to knock 4 minutes off of a 14minute cycle time with no validation required.  The control over the oven that the Racer is able to maintain will be very useful for future use in shortening run times.  It was great working with you and hope all is well at Zip.  See you at Pittcon!!

 Alex Maggitti – R&D – NMS Labs

The chaser knocked off 5 minutes from the semi-volatile run which now allows us to get a full batch of samples in a 12 hour tune clock. I would definitely say that there will be more chasers in the future.

David Playez – QC Laboratories

I just left you a voicemail.  Been a long time.  That’s in itself is a testimonial to the durability of the GC Racer.  I still have two of them in service, they run daily.
My oldest one finally stopped heating last night.  Good news is that it is not the Racer itself, but the heating element.  Can’t even get the element to ohm out.  Looked at it closely and actually found where the element finally burned through. I need to get info on ordering a replacement element.  Serial number on this Racer was 031214, it is 120 V for 5890 Series II.  Don’t know if you need all of that info.  Can you provide me with a price and part number.  Can I order them directly from Zip Scientific?

  Norm Farmer – Technical Director, Accutest Laboratories Southeast

Everything is going great with our 6890-installed GC Chaser.  I’ll talk with Daren today about our 5890 and get back to you.

Christian Merchant, Con-Test Analytical Laboratory

The Chaser cut 5 minutes off our run.  My supervisor is trying to get permission to get more now.  For my department, I would need 4 more.  If there is any discount that you could come up with for multiple purchases, I’m sure that may persuade the powers that be.

It really is a great product, as well as the Racer.  I just got that hooked up to the other 6890.

Mark Johnston, QC Laboratories

First I would like to thank you for your product, we currently have two (GC Racers) in house for two different methods and we are very impressed. My question is dies this technology work on GC-MS?

Scot Furnas – Vice President, CLS Labs

I can happily say that the GC Racers that we purchased for 5890 and 6890 GCs perform exactly as advertised and give us access to oven temperature rates FAR in excess of the stock equipment.
I can also say that you folks stand behind your products 100%.  When we had some initial concerns with the installation in a 6890, these concerns were addressed promptly with a result that met our expectations.

I must remark that the heater cage in the oven compartment makes the interior space somewhat tight, especially when installing a column.  My advice, thoroughly cool the oven, inlet and detector before working on the column
Overall, the GC Racer is an excellent product that performs just fine.

William G. Gaboda – GE Water Technologies

The GC Racer has increased our productivity significantly without great expense.  We installed it on our HP 5890 and were able to take our analysis time for PCBs from 25 minutes to less than 10 minutes!

Marge Slater, GLA Labs Malvern PA.


GC Racer can boost ramp rates up to 120 °C/min.

One-fifth the purchase price compared to resistively heated accessories and no expensive specialized columns.