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Cool On-Column Injector Option: Why wait for your Cool On-Column Injectors to get down to start temperature before starting the next run?

Cool On-Column Injector Option

Now both your GC oven and injectors can be ready for the next sample in less time!
Boost sample throughput
More samples between check standards
Faster turn around for rush samples

Our new option brings the same fast cool-down performance to your Cool On-Column Injectors that the GC Chaser brings for your GC oven.

Save money making minutes on every run!

No liquid CO tanks!

Don’t buy another GC! Upgrade your equipment and save money and space. New GC, software and data system = Big Bucks
GC Chaser and Cool On-Column Cooling Option = Short Dollars
Order this option PN70020120 with your GC Chaser PN 121385 and it
will come ready to hook up, plug in and run automatically.

Injector OptionWe’ve modified the GC Chaser circuitry to operate an auxiliary solenoid valve that automatically applies an

 air stream to the injector between runs.

Simply connect the source to the Aux Valve In (1/4”) fitting. A second line directs the air flow from the Aux Valve Out fitting (1/8”) to the injector.

The GC Chaser blower cools the column oven down while the air stream cools the injector down.

GC Racer can boost ramp rates up to 120 °C/min.

The GC Chaser is a Fast Oven Cool-Down Accessory that improves the oven ventilation during the cool-down cycle and runs completely unattended.