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Fast Cooling Performance: The cooling performance depends on the ambient air temperature and the ventilation conditions. The GC Chaser will boost sample throughout under all temperature and ventilation conditions. Optimal conditions exist when the GC stands alone in an air conditioned lab with no restrictions to vent flow behind the exhaust and intake vents. In the real world, however, we’ve all seen situations in which GCs are jam-packed on a bench-top with their backs to the wall. In other cases they are set up back to back such that the exhaust from one oven can interfere with the cooling of another GC.

Regardless, adding the GC Chaser will improve cool-down performance. The data shown on the next few pages were taken under optimal ventilation conditions. Most of our customers report better performance when installed in their lab.


GC Racer can boost ramp rates up to 120 °C/min.

One-fifth the purchase price compared to resistively heated accessories and no expensive specialized columns.